Full Cord $380

K&K Firewood is your single source provider of quality hardwoods. Seasoned, delivered in our service area, and stacked at your home or buisness.
  • We sell seasoned post and live oak wood. Our wood is cut and split into 16-20 inch pieces and are no more than 6 inches thick.

Half Cord $220

*Additional charge for deliveries outside select zipcodes.
* Fuel charge will be added for municipalities outside select area zipcodes.
* Delivery and stacking fee will be added for excessive distances beyond the truck/trailer.
Easy Ordering + Quick Delivery 
Get your firewood fast in 3 easy steps: 
1. Choose the amount of firewood. 
2. Order by phone or email. 
3. We deliver and stack your firewood. 
*Pricing includes delivery fee in Caldwell and Hays county.
*During peak season, delivery time may be longer.

Quarter Cord $140